Prepare For Black Friday With Simpson Group POS

Prepare For Black Friday With Simpson Group POS

Are you ready for Black Friday?    If you weren’t too familiar, Black Friday is a day in the retail calendar for peak pre-Christmas deals, and usually happens to fall on or around the last payday of the month for most. This year, it falls on Friday 29 November, which is just over two weeks away!    Now chances are, as a retail store or centre, you have already planned your sales strategy and which particular stock you want to discount at what prices. There are many ways of marketing your high-street store to increase footfall and revenue, from sending a timid nudge through the landing of an email campaign into your customers’ inbox, to creating a conversation on your social media, and of course - through traditional and real-to-touch Point Of Sale. If you haven’t got your POS strategy sorted yet, then fear not, because that’s what we are here for today! We are going to give you some helpful tips on what POS products we can provide your business with, that will work for both Black Friday AND Cyber Monday deals, because the festive sales are like the gift that keeps on giving!   

Marketing Tips For Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals…

  There are many things that your business can do in order to drive an increased footfall and boost revenue across the festive period. Here are some of our Simpson Group top tips:  
  • Create a gift guide - Most retailers have a pretty good insight as to who their target customer is, what they expect from your store and what products are the most popular. So one way of generating interest and creating a buzz around your shop floor is by creating your very own gift guide, where you highlight key products that you expect to be popular and that you know your customer will search for in-store. This can be done through creating a pop-up stand in-store, with large posters, window stickers and FSDU’s.
  • Email your customer - If you access to your customers email addresses, then why not put together an aesthetically pleasing ‘wishlist’ to land in their inbox during the festive lead up, and inspire them to make impulse purchases? Email campaigns are great at keeping in touch with your customer when not in-store, and dropping your latest deals, new products and special offers! 
  • Utilise your social media - In today’s digital age, it is vital to utilise social media as much as you possibly can, and tie everything you do with your in-store schedule. Reflect your current in-store branding and merchandising by tying in colour schemes, images and illustrations, promote your hottest products across your ‘grid’ and ‘stories’ and do live videos of your shop floor to share when it is busiest, to ultimately create a buzz and a community with your users. 
  • Be time aware - Stand out from your competitors and generate a buzz through the use of time-limited discounts. So in the lead up to Black Friday, why not start with a 10% offer, and gradually build up to 50%. Staggered deals like these create a buzz and excitement that every festive shopper looks for. 

Simpson Group Point Of Sale Products -

  Here at Simpson Group, we specialise in the design, manufacture and delivery of Point Of Sale products. You will find that POS products are a traditional, instant and real-life sales strategy - something that online or digital merchandising can not deliver.    POS products have the power to catch your customers eye as they walk through a shopping mall, and have the instant effect of drawing them in-store, as opposed to scrolling past your post or advert on social media or online.    Check out the following POS products that we here at Simpson Group would recommend every retail owner utilising this season:  
  • Window Display Stickers - The first point of contact that your store will have with your customer is through the shop window. It is the first thing that will catch their eye, therefore throughout the busy festive build-up, you want to ensure that your window display stands out and has the power to encourage them to come inside and check out what deals you have on offer. All of our window display stickers here at Simpson Group are crafted to the tailored design or our client and printed using outstanding high-quality equipment. Our team are more than happy to assist in creating artwork for your business in order to create effective, eye catching clear Window Display Decals to get your business noticed! 
  • Hanging Signs - Once you have got your customer through the door, the next step is navigating them around your shop floor successfully, and not losing their interest half way round. We can achieve this together with our Hanging Signs here at Simpson Group, that are printed with extreme high-quality, durability and resistance in mind. Here are some useful tips to bear in mind in the creation of your Hanging Signs: 
  • Hanging signs can be used for long term and short term promotional use. All of our hanging signs are printed on high-quality material, designed to run their course for as long as you need them.
  • We understand your hanging signs will most likely be placed under hot store lights, which is why we always ensure our signs will keep their shape.
  • You can get your artwork printed on both sides of our hanging signs, you can even get different artwork on each side to promote different aspects of your store.
  • We can also accommodate to themed retail hanging sign displays! Whether you’re looking for a halloween themed hanging sign or an easter hanging sign – we can help!
  • Product Dump Bins - Dotted throughout your store, PDB’s are great for encouraging impulse purchases and highlighting hot right now products. They can increase your customers in-store spending by:
  • Increasing in-store spending: lightweight and easy to move, cardboard dump bins can be used throughout retail environments to save on valuable shelving space and direct shoppers towards the point of sale. A dump bin that’s packed with promotionally priced products will catch the eye of avid bargain hunters, and a display full of products which complement other nearby, higher-end items will prompt customers to keep on spending
  • Promoting seasonal purchases: customisable dump bins are both eye-catching and easy to assemble, helping retailers to simply and effectively rebrand products for a seasonal promotion. From Valentine’s Day themed chocolates to Christmastime confectionary, dump bins offer an affordable and dynamic display solution for retailers looking to adapt their stock to suit upcoming events and the latest trends
  • Encouraging impulse buys: by placing well-stocked dump bins on the path to the point of sale, retailers can appeal to the impulse buyer and keep customers distracted from any lengthy queues. At the point of sale, shoppers will be ready to commit to making a purchase, but you can raise the average basket value by placing low-cost items in this critical area of the store
  • Shelf Wobblers - If your store is offering a staggered amount of multiple gradual discounts, or hidden discounts, then Shelf Wobblers are a fantastic way of displaying and promoting these. Subtle, yet powerfully eye catching, the benefits of using Shelf Wobblers are as follows:
  • They Stimulate Sales
  • Especially on crowded aisles, shelf wobblers draw attention to items customers would normally miss or not see!
  • Interactive and Engaging
  • As all our shelf wobblers are customisable, there are absolutely no restrictions as to what you can print or display on a shelf wobbler. You can now even add QR codes to your shelf wobbler, encouraging the customer to check out or view more product information there and then.
  • They Are Highly Practical
  • Shelf Wobblers are one of the most effective and efficient marketing tools there is within a brick and mortar retail store. Like shelf banners, they help to increase consumer exposure and attract potential buyers.

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