Point of Sale Displays: Do I need them?

Point of Sale Displays: Do I need them?

If you find yourself questioning whether or not you need Point of Sale Displays, then keep reading. Ensuring a consistent brand experience throughout the customer journey both online and offline is the key to creating successful brand influence and driving sales growth in-store. But how do you know if your product is needing an FSDU or Retail Display to entice customers to look at it?


In a world where competition is rife, especially in Retail, Beauty and Automotive industries – it is key you capture your customer's attention from the offset.


We’ve all seen the DIY YouTube tutorials that teach you how to turn shelves into contemporary display units, however will these speak to your customers and display your products in the most effective way, and will they be cohesive to your branding? These are very important questions when considering point of sale units, DIY or Professionally made.


The majority of established businesses have strict brand guidelines that give you a description of what should be done and what shouldn’t in terms of design. This also includes Point of Sale Materials. Gone are the days where hand written messages are hung up in-stores, instead pair your professional branding with high quality print that drives customer engagement and increases an uplift in your sales.


From encouraging impulse purchases to highlighting additional in-store spending, utilising point of sale displays is an effective marketing strategy that will show off your store, brand and products in their best light. Whether it’s an iconic window display to entice consumers through the doors or a bespoke point of sale display that highlights a certain product’s features, a well-designed retail display is sure to keep your customers spending.


Here’s some fuss free design tips for Point of Sale Displays.

1. Point of sale displays are usually used for temporary marketing campaigns that is for a specific season or time period. Use a design of a product to create a cohesive brand experience and make your FSDU stand out from competition. In a supermarket or retail store most brands use plain coloured FSDUs that are used for one purpose only, to house the product. Instead go that extra mile with design and make your display unit act as your silent sales person, make it sell the product for you, whilst acting as a clean and tidy unit to display it in.

2. This brings us onto marketing messages. Keep your message consistent across your POS items. B&Q’s marketing campaign ‘Do it for less’ utilises this marketing strategy, as both their online and offline marketing messages are consistent and effective. Consistency will always be key, which is why a store should always make sure that it’s echoing its existing marketing messages and brand values in every section of the store – including the retail display units. So when you’re customising dump bins and FSDUs, pay attention to highlighting any promotional offers or key features of the product – but don’t overpower the design by deviating too far from your store’s iconic branding.

3. From designing the logo of your brand to considering the tone of your brick-and-mortar store, choosing an impactful colour scheme will be the start of building brand association. Colour psychology plays a crucial role in encouraging your consumers to spend their hard-earned cash, which means it’s worth pouring time into getting your choices right.

An effective FSDU can be all a store needs to drive its sales and boost profits – and with our 5 fuss-free design tips, you can place confidence in your customised retail display units.

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