Improving Father’s Day In-Shop Sales

Improving Father’s Day In-Shop Sales

Father's Day is sharp around the corner on Sunday 16 June this year, and it may be common ground to feel that Father’s Day is not as popular or invested in as much as days such as Mother’s Day, Easter or of course Christmas. A lot of gift-giving for Father’s Day tends to be last minute, impulse purchases as Dad’s can be notoriously difficult to buy for or the market can just lack a varied range of valuable stock. Research has calculated that shoppers are predicted to spend 15.5 billion dollars on Father’s Day this year, and with more than a third of consumers taking their custom to online sales as opposed to in-house purchasing - according to the National Retail Federation. While this does not surprise us as the majority of impulse purchases are most likely to be made online due to the fact that it is last minute, transacted from the comfort of your own sofa and delivered to your door - we want to try and help you boost in-house sales with face to face customer/sales communication. Here at Simpson Group, we specialise in Point Of Sale displays designed to engage customer interest and entice them to walk into your store. Using a varied range of print methods to target different audiences for different purposes and products and today we’re going to share with you three Point Of Sale techniques that we can offer you and your business to increase your sales in-store and keep your consumer offline for this Father’s Day…

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Our Father’s Day Point Of Sale Recommendations

Free Standing Display Unit

A FSDU as we like to call it is commonly used to display highlighted key products that may be on promotion that day/week/month and your aim to draw in consumer attention for an immediate purchase. For Father’s Day sales you would find one of our FSDU super helpful to display for example; men’s skincare, something that you may miss in the general aisles.

Window Graphics and Displays

Probably the most common Point Of Sale technique you could see, however all for good reason! A window graphic and display is designed to catch the consumers eye as they walk down the street, through the shopping centre, or drive past in the car and to catch your attention to what they are trying to sell. It gives off the vibe for the season they are selling, the theme of products, and sets the foundation for what you are subconsciously looking for. A tip for your Father’s Day window graphic displays could be to use stereotypical blues, greens, greys, golds in your colour palette, a nice clear and readable graphic type and just a good measurable amount of products to catch the eye but leave the consumer wanting and seeking more - therefore increasing your footfall leading in to store.

Shelf Wobblers

A shelf wobbler is fantastic for catching the eye and standing out as a fun and quirky flexible sale technique. Small but mighty, you could write the discounts on for example 10% off, half price, 3 for 2 and so on. These are more likely to catch the eye of your consumer and entice them to purchase more likely as they believe they are saving a pretty penny!

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