How To Increase In-Store Shopping Post-COVID-19

How To Increase In-Store Shopping Post-COVID-19

The current pandemic has posed a substantial challenge for retailers not just in the UK but worldwide, over the last three months. However the phrase “this too shall pass” has never felt more hopeful as we begin to forge a “new normal” in a bid to re-start the UK’s economy.  With Government guidelines in place such as the 2m-1m distance rule, face coverings being made mandatory and cashless transactions being encouraged, the retail world has been able to get back up on its feet from 15th June and start to pick up its pace once again. But what can you do as a high street brand to increase your customers to start shopping in-store with you, post COVID-19? Keep reading to find out…

Tune into your customer communications

As far as your customer is aware, if you don’t retail online as well as in-store then you have been unavailable for the last three to four months, therefore your very first port of call to increase in-store shopping should be tuning into your customer comms.  Tell your customer that you are re-opening, update them with what you have been up to / how you have been preparing and most importantly - give them a reason to come back!  Top tip: If the pandemic has taught us anything then it’s to NOT assume that everything will go back to as it once was. Don’t assume that your loyal customer will remain loyal. Remember they have adapted to life without you for three to four months, so you need to give them a good reason to come back!  Simpson Group can help you put your message out there, loud and clear with our following products:

Reassure them that your store is SAFE

Your second port of call prior to your return should be prioritising the message to your customer that your store is safe for them to shop in.  Your customer will hyper-alert to almost everything right now. From how they can communicate with in-store staff, to what they can touch and where they can stand. It is your job to make this transition as seamless as possible and one way that you can do this is with tactile reminders of the general guidelines.  Queuing to get into a store is something that we have all had to get used to lately, so why not implement this into your own high street store and ask your customers to queue outside to limit the number of people in one space at one time. Implement sanitiser stations in and around the store to encourage shoppers to sanitise their hands prior to touching any products, and place distancing measures on the floor to guide your customer on where is best for them to stand.  With our help, you can create your very own bespoke POS and POP products to deliver this message to your customer with the following:

Showcase Your Stock

For many high street brands, the postponement of retailing has also meant a challenge in getting their hands on new stock. If you have new stock ready for your re-opening, then shout about it!  Showcase what you have available in-store (this relates back to giving your customer a reason to come back!). If you can afford to do so, promote your new stock with an offer or discount! This will help to encourage your footfall.  Showcase your stock with the help of our following products:

Make the customer experience EASY

With so much to bear in mind at the moment, we are getting used to a completely new way of doing the simplest of things that we once took for granted. As a business, you want to make your customer experience easy to encourage your customer to shop in-store.  Here are some ways that you can make their experience easier: 
  • Encourage cashless transactions 
  • Encourage hand sanitising stations 
  • Provide each customer with a freshly sanitised trolley / shopping basket 
  • Create a path for your customer to follow around the store (our range of Hanging Signs and Vinyl Floor Stickers are perfect for this!) 

Improve your marketing materials with Simpson Group 

Right now, you want to stand out from your crowd of competitors so why not improve your marketing materials to be prepared?  Here at Simpson Group, we can help you to create bespoke print marketing materials and on-brand social distancing signage. To learn more about what we do and how we do it visit our website today.   
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