FSDU Design: the Power of Big Brands

FSDU Design: the Power of Big Brands

As social media has become increasingly integrated into our everyday lives, the rise of online influencers has changed the way that we shop. Endorsed products have a heightened appeal for shoppers - and whether that’s advertised in-store or via online channels, it’s the bigger, more well-known brands who are holding the power to take your sales to the next level. From increasing credibility to raising awareness about your product line, partnering up with bigger brands is a quick way to connect with a wider audience - and by incorporating eye-catching FSDUs into the cross-promotion, you could boost sales during the campaign, as well as in the future. Making the most of your advertising is what will ensure that your efforts pay off, and that’s why today, we’re bringing you the inside scoop on how teaming up with larger brands for a free standing display promotion can boost the profile of your business.

Benefitting both: adding exclusivity


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There’s no shortage of competition on the high street, and that means that even the most famous brands have to look for new ways to stand out - and that’s where exclusivity comes in. Offering limited edition products that can’t be bought anywhere else will encourage more traffic into a store - meaning both the store and your branded product line will receive more publicity from a wider audience. Advertising a product in an attention-commanding free standing display will only increase the appeal of your brand, and by marketing a special edition range specifically for the store, shoppers will be more than tempted to add your unique products to their basket.

Widening your audience by increasing appeal

Whether you’re a small-scale specialist store or an online retailer, teaming up with well-known brands means that you can capture a whole range of different demographics - as well as advertising your products to an even larger audience. Shoppers will be tempted by a visually arresting free standing display unit at the point of sale, so introduce your product line to impulse buyers as they make their way to the checkout and they’ll be unable to resist trying out your brand new products. The rise in brand awareness also means that you’ll be reaping the benefits long after your promotional campaign comes to an end.

Brand association: creating credibility

We’re a nation of shoppers who are committed to our loyal brand buying habits - and that means that it’s often the bigger brands that we’re subliminally attracted to. Despite usually being an ill-founded misconception, small startups can often seem like a riskier choice than the world-famous brands, which is why it can be so beneficial for smaller brands to be endorsed by larger businesses. Partnering up with a bigger brand means that smaller-sized stores can share in their success, and raising awareness with your in-store product line will mean that consumers will be more likely to consider returning to your brand in the future. Are you ready to raise the stakes with your business? With our competitively priced FSDUs, partnering up with bigger brands needn’t break your budget - and the design of an eye-catching FSDU will ensure that you can make the most of your high profile campaign. The process couldn’t be simpler: Our client services team will be happy to assist with any enquiries. To enquire please use our contact us page.

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