With over 300 million active monthly users on snapchat the power of integrating Snapchat into your social media marketing strategy shouldn’t be ignored. Facebook and Twitter have been at the forefront of generating leads and elevating both brand and customer experiences. However ever since snapchat was introduced, more and more companies have seen the potential of inviting clients and consumers into everyday activities of their brand. Making their experience more personal and humanised than ever.


Snapchat in Numbers:

Number of daily active snapchat users: 187 million

Number of snaps created everyday: 1 million

Number of snapchat daily video views: More than 10 billion

In the UK more than 25% of smartphone users are using snapchat


Using an unconventional marketing tool in the B2B sector isn’t unheard of, a lot of brands such as IBM, Cisco and MailChimp are utilising Snapchat to connect to their target market, who at the end of day are still consumers looking to buy into a service for their business. We take a look at how your brand can utilise Snapchat to elevate engagement and to make your client’s experience more personal.


  1. Welcome your clients and viewers to your brand


Whether you are at an exciting launch event or are you an established brand looking to grow your audience, it’s important to push your brand out to clients in any way, shape or form. This can help showcase who you are and the messages that you want your brand to illustrate. This could really set your brand aside from competitors as you’ll come across as being innovative and up to date with current trends. Snapchat stories offers an ideal platform to do this.


Snapchat stories allows your brand to connect with your followers through showing them a behind the scenes look of your company, something that a lot of people won’t get to see. Make sure the content you post is engaging, exciting and always on brand. You want people to view your snap story and instantly recognise your company.


  1. Location based Marketing

Just like Simpson Group’s web to print solution, location-based marketing can target consumers and clients on a personal level, connecting with them through recognition of their location. Use snapchat to create geographically targeted snapchat filters that direct them to your stand or location if you are at an event. Snapchat allows those creating a snapchat filter to see how many users used it and how many snapchat users your filter was exposed to.


Location based marketing is a great way to dominate the area, often cost effective to target one specific area – this is the ideal way of creating an impact on social media. Create something shareworthy with a filter that anyone and everyone can use, exposing your brand to the mass.


  1. Use Snapchat exclusive offers

Use your other social media channels to promote an offer is validated when users who screen shot your story. The best part about this is that snap stories can only be viewed for 24 hours, creating a sense of urgency for one-off promotions, flash sales and exclusive offers. This is great for events. Content with an expiration date prompts users to act now and to stay loyal through the incentive of future deals and offers.


With users continuing to rise and ongoing app development, the benefits of incorporating Snapchat into your business marketing strategy could make a significant contribution to the success of your business – be it an event or single product promotion.