Johnnie Walker FSDU 1

On behalf of Diageo, Williams Lea commissioned Simpson Group to create a distinctive and elegant POP display unit which would represent the quality of the Johnnie Walker brand for this thrilling Formula 1 in store promotion.

The Challenge

The Williams Lea print management team provided Simpson Group with a brief in early April 2011, to design an MU to hold 108 bottles of Johnnie Walker Black Label for distribution in Tesco stores. Due to the high value of the product, the unit would not only be required to securely withstand the weight of the whisky bottles but also have a ‘premium’ appearance and of course meet Tesco Design Standards guidelines.

The Solution

The footprint of the MU design would of course be pre-determined as it would be required to fit and lock into the standard Tesco MU pallet base but the height would be dependent on the bottle heights and total stockholding requirement. However, this must also fit within Tesco’s height restrictions.

To meet the stockholding requirement of 108 bottles of Johnnie Walker Black Label it was evident that the internal elements would need to be substantially smaller than the outer dimension of the MU base. Together Williams Lea and Simpson Group’s CAD designers explored various design and material options. On Diageo’s approval, it was determined that extra large side panels with ‘rolled over’ edges would not only ensure stability and safety in transit but create an aesthetically pleasing, ‘rich and smooth’ display unit which matched the quality of the product within.

Johnnie Walker FSDU 1

On final approval and testing by the Tesco Design Standards team, the Johnnie Walker MU was produced in EB Flute corrugate with B Flute internal fitments. Digitally printed in high gloss inks, the MU beautifully enhances the golden smoothness of the deluxe blended whisky itself with the bottle shots printed in full colour and the familiar faces of Jenson Button and Lewis Hamilton of the McLaren Formula 1 team printed in a contrasting photographic black and white effect.

The Result

416 MUs were delivered flat in bulk to the co-packer for assembly, fulfilment and onward shipment to Tesco for in store promotion during May/June 2011.

Promoting the smooth flavour of Johnnie Walker Black Label and the dream of ‘Drive of a Lifetime’ on the Formula 1 circuit, Diageo is issuing a ‘gold pass’ for the lucky winner from their Tesco promotion.

Simpson Group is proud to work in partnership with Williams Lea to be part of this exciting project.