From bears to being banned, the Christmas adverts that have got us talking

From bears to being banned, the Christmas adverts that have got us talking

Christmas is just around the corner with most of the UK's leading retailers releasing their Christmas ads to capitative and inspire viewers. We certainly have our favourites that have made us laugh, make us go ‘Aw’ and a controversial advert that has educated thousands.

The annual flurry of festive TV ads has officially kicked off with brands like ASDA and Argos leading the way with tinsel and Christmas lights. Here is our favourites so far, with the highly anticipated John Lewis advert still to come.

Heathrow Airport

Focusing on the story of being where the family is, the beloved Heathrow Bear family are back again to tell the story of there’s no place like home.

The story captivates viewers by hitting home that no matter how far away you are from your family, nothing beats coming home and being with the ones you love. The bear family at the end of the advert are reunited for Christmas festivities. This advert is gold, perfectly marketing Heathrow Airport as a choice to travel home for the holidays, whilst stopping off at duty free to pick up some last-minute gifts.


Amazon has returned with another festive advert, replacing last year’s song with the Jackson 5’s ‘can you feel it?’ the track certainly sets the scene of the singing boxes making their way from warehouse to the consumer.

Perfect feel good advert, which makes you feel Christmassy all around, and highlights the ease of shopping at Amazon. We love this advert, although I think we would have recycled the singing box by now if we had a production area full of singing boxes!

ALDI’s Kevin the Carrot

Continuing on from last year, Kevin the Carrot is off on another adventure, in a very familiar looking Christmas Truck. The first advert is left on a cliff hanger with a crate full of carrots teetering over the cliff top, the second instalment sees Katie the Carrot from last year’s advert being kidnapped by Pascal the Parsnip.

A very fun advert that is out of the box in terms of Christmas adverts, if this advert doesn’t make you giggle at least once – we don’t know what will!

Tesco #EveryonesWelcome however you do Christmas

Tesco offers a more human to human offering with this years Christmas advert, bringing it home with family debates such as turkey or goose, and the famous debate of brussels sprouts. Tesco’s advert resonates with everyone allowing the view to find a similarity in their family with the ad. With an acoustic version of go your own way, Tesco gives you the option of having Christmas your way.

Boots #GiftsThatGetThem

Continuing on from last year of purchasing a personalised gift.

This year sees Boots releasing a targeted advert towards Mothers and Daughters, and the arguments that they get in. Whilst the advert is very touching, the message of buying gifts that is personalised to the person is clear. The song choice has left us unconvinced, clever lyrics none the less!

The question is, will Boots release other targeted ads in the lead up to Christmas?

Debenhams: do a bit of you-know-you-did-good

Celebrating the gifter, these short adverts which will be rolled out on TV, Print and online are a clever way of highlighting that you can find a gift that the person loves at Debenhams. From beauty to homeware.

The adverts promotes the idea of gift curating for each individual person.

Richard Cristofoli, Debenhams Managing Director of Beauty and Marketing, said: “Shoppers told us that the real joy of shopping comes from discovering the gift that you know the recipient is going to really love. We wanted to celebrate that moment.

Debenhams will also transform 70 stores nationwide into Christmas markets equipped with Gin palaces and coffee huts, meaning this gives shoppers an experience where they can find the perfect gift.

Iceland: Say Hello to Rang-Tan

Iceland released their Christmas advert this week to put their foot down on using Palm oil, in a bid to raise awareness on the effects that harvesting palm oil has on the environment and the 25 orangutans that deforestation kills.

The advert starts off with a Dora the Explora-esque animation with a little orangutan causing havoc in the girl’s bedroom. The clever advert voiced by Emma Thompson has been made the centre of a press tornado as the advert has been banned for inciting political messages to the public.

What do you think of this years’ Christmas adverts? Which is your favourite and should the Iceland advert have been banned from TV?

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