Retail Displays

We are here to bring creative retail space ideas to reality! The competitive growth of the online retail market means that in-store retail displays need to be even more creative, attractive and engaging. Whether you’re thinking about updating your current retail display or introducing a new form of display such as; countertop retail displays, retail display systems or custom retail displays.

What is a retail display?

Retail displays are simply a selection of merchandise with relevant POS and POP situated next to the merchandise. Merchandising displays showcase a store’s best products that they want to display and with the point of sale assets, this will massively help to bring together a retail display as a whole!

POS/POP Products

Here at Simpson Group, we specialise in making your retail display, stand out from the crowd. We can produce an assortment of point of sale (POS) products that will effectively promote a campaign, product or service. In a competitive industry, it’s vital that you choose the right point of sale solution for your products to stand out in the retail environment.

Free standing display units (FSDUs)

A free-standing display unit (FSDU) is a type of flexible retail display that’s dedicated to highlighting key products, typically in retail environments.

Counter display units (CDU) or Counter Top Units

Counter display stands (CDU) are ideally positioned at the point of sale (POS) or point of purchase (POP) areas. They are usually situated near a till or counter and are typically small and made of cardboard.

Display Cubes

Printed all around with your artwork. You can just stack them or put them one by one on the floor for maximum impact!

Hanging Signs

Hanging signs highly influence a customers shopping journey through your store, therefore, if you want them to go to a specific section in your store then hanging signs are a perfect solution for this!

Dump Bins

A dump bin is a free-standing container that’s used to hold and display products, typically in a retail environment. Generally made from cardboard, a dump bin is a lightweight retail display solution that offers practical product storage combined with strategic messaging.

Strut Cards

Strut Cards, also known as Showcards, are highly effective low-cost POS product that can be easily displayed in any prominent position. Typically placed on the till or counter.

Shelf Strips & Wobblers

Shelf wobblers are attached to shelving units (and other surfaces) in a retail store so that they can advertise or promote product features and special offers to customers.

Vinyl Floor Graphics

Promotional vinyl floor signs are a great shorter term promotional POS solution. However, the higher the quality the longer they will last.

Window Graphics & Displays

A retail window display, also known as a shop window is a window in a shop displaying new products and items for sale or otherwise designed to entice customers into the store, thus increasing the footfall.


Posters are great for showcasing a sale or featured product in your store. They are such an effective form of enticing a customer to buy through retail displays.