A POPAI compliance survey back in 2005 found that around 30% of all POP goes to waste.

In addition these wastage figures are based only on the POP that actually arrives at the store. If you take into account the wastage up to that point, specifically in-process wastage, late deliveries and damaged items then this wastage figure will increase to over 50%. Taking this into account lowering the selling price of print is not where the most cost is saved. Avoiding printing unnecessary or unusable POP in the first place is both a sensible and sustainable procurement strategy.

Our solution – POPFIT

Is the devil really in the detail? We don’t believe so. Rather the devil is in e-mail. Administration costs and errors are so high because key data is re-keyed on multiple occasions for every job delivered. Think of the e-mails sent between customer and printer to clarify requirements, the incomplete spread sheets, estimates raised, specifications queried and corrected, artwork and proofs signed off, works orders generated, delivery notes and invoices raised. How much does this really cost and how long does it take? And more importantly how often are mistakes made?

At Simpson Group we believe value is generated in the detail. By this we mean harnessing and controlling key data and making it dynamically available to everyone involved in a project in a way that makes sense to them. In this way you can embed knowledge ensuring that you always produce the job accurately and in the most cost efficient manner.

The concept is simple

POPFIT merges store information and characteristics with in-store advertising promotions allowing marketing teams to focus on creating winning in-store campaigns safe in the knowledge that POPFIT will accurately distribute your POP materials to each of your stores.

Data unique to each store is held in the POPFIT database including store name, address and manager along with a physical profile of each store, and a store capacity detailing available sites to display POP within each store.

In-store advertising promotions can be planned, created and edited allowing the user full control over POP items allocated to each campaign.

Your personal database

A comprehensive specification of all POP items is held within the database. New items can be added and existing items edited meaning all participants involved in a particular campaign are working from the same core set of data.

Each store’s profile and capacity is matched to the POP items within that promotion, and from that a print summary is produced which works out the exact quantity of each item you need to print to fulfil all stores’ requirements for that promotion.

A separate picking note is automatically produced for each store detailing the exact quantity they will receive of each item in the promotion.

Any existing data on stores and POP specifications can be easily uploaded through the data import function. So there is always a starting point. We can then look to increase the granularity of data held on each store. For example we have developed a POP window planner capturing window sizes within individual stores allowing displays and posters to be altered in size to maximise available window space.

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