Point of Sale Displays (POP) or point of purchase (POP) display is any show material or visual merchandising situated near or around the transactional point of purchase. Whether it’s in retail, at an event or anywhere else where goods are on offer, POS displays can be used to maximise the visibility of promotions and products and, ultimately, boost sales.


How does POS displays compliment your product merchandising?

In any industry such as retail, events and horticulture, shelf space comes at a premium – and point of sale stands such as free standing display units (FSDUs) and dump bins are ideal for maximising your store’s merchandising potential. Fitting neatly at the ends of aisles, in corners and around queuing systems, POS display stands are ideal for maximising the use of available space on the shop floor – and more products means more revenue, as bulk-buys and impulse purchases are added to every basket.

As well as introducing more shelf space, POS and POP displays can be used to draw attention to your current offering – introducing visual merchandising into the mix. Hanging signs, display cubes, posters and window clings can all be used to attract the attention of passers-by and highlight key promotions and products on offer.

Whether you’re introducing retail display stands into the mix or simply wish to highlight what you’ve already got, the flexibility of point of sale display materials means you can customise and rearrange your merchandise to guarantee maximum impact.


Point of Sale Displays used by our clients

We have an array of examples of point of sales display used by our clients on our POS/ POP page and our Case studies page.


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