On first glance, Carole is like everyone else but with that added extra of glam and style, however under everything Carole is a ‘Warrior’. Not a warrior in the traditional sense riding into battle, but a one fighting non the less to get the message out far and wide.

Carole is part of a not for profit group called the Panache Group, an organisation that is raising awareness for people who suffer with hair loss. Carole explained on ITV’s This Morning that the group was launched to help provide support and guidance in the North East that isn’t readily available.

With the intention of raising awareness in the North East first, the Women Warrior’s mission is to get their message out nationally to as many sufferers as possible. They feel that Alopecia and hair loss isn’t spoken about enough and want to give women, men and children their confidence back and help them to go out in public and approach their hair loss with a positive attitude.

We spoke to Carole about her own personal experience and how the Group has helped her re-gain her bold and strong-willed character that she is known for here at Simpson Group.

When asking Carole what the group meant to her, Carole Said:

“A proportion of the ladies in the group have other issues going on alongside hair loss, which has been a result of the issues and stress. Through meeting women with these inspiring stories, it has helped me immensely to carry on, when you meet an eleven-year-old girl who faces the world without a wig, and how she has been bullied, but still maintains her strong willpower and refuses not to comply and wear a wig for the sake of others. Other warriors simply cannot reveal the problem to the world but they are strong women. All of this inspires you to simply soldier on, she embodies the song “This is Me” from The Greatest Showman. My advice to myself is to simply get on with it.”

The vision for the Panache group is to create a ‘Hub’, where anyone worldwide can contact others who are going through the same experience to give advice. Founding group members and experienced members will be able to guide those from the first stages to full hair loss, giving them the type of advice that comes with experience.

Referring to themselves as warriors, the group intends to create signature styles of wigs and make-up that will help educate and raise awareness for the Group, allowing a more personal and ‘amongst friends’ experience.

Earlier this year the Group hosted their own event in order to raise money and awareness, where prizes like a trip to Las Vegas could be won. Simpson Group supported Carole and her friends through this event by supplying various printed material including tickets, booklets and life size ‘Vegas Show Girl’ cut-outs. Carole has since praised Simpson Group for turning this around in a matter of days and helping the event look and feel professional to attendees.

Panache Group This Morning ITV

Members of the Panache Group on ITV’s This Morning.

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